Logansport IN, 12/12/18: The Logansport Parks & Recreation Board has determined that the Skate Park at Riverside Park will be closed permanently. At the Parks Board meeting held on Wednesday December 12th, members listened closely to Parks Administrator Janet Fawley regarding safety and repair issues. The Parks Administrator has concerns about not being able to fully repair the equipment since it was relocated of for the Carousel Fun Days several years ago. When the equipment was returned, it was no longer level, or situated correctly. In addition, by moving the equipment, the manufacturer’s warranty had become null and void.
After much discussion, the Parks Board decided that this equipment was no longer safe, with very little funds available to make the repairs required. Very few people are using the facility, and there is a defined need for alternate activities in that location. All agreed to close the skate park immediately, and dismantle the equipment over the winter.
Regarding the future of the site, a public meeting will be held at a later time to discuss alternate amenities that are needed in Logansport. That date will be announced in the new year.
Questions can be directed to the Parks Administrator, Janet Fawley at 753-6969 or e-mail at parksadministrator@cityoflogansport.org.